Swimming Pool

Our Services

We understand that not everyone has the time to actively keep up with their pool care needs. With over 10 years experience in the swimming pool industry, we can confidently offer you a wide range of services/equipment to service and maintain and suit your pool needs.


If your pool isn't actively maintained, a range of potential issues will arise. In any case, we are more than capable of resolving them.

  • Pool Cleaning

  • Green Pool Recovery

  • Filter Sand Changes

  • Filter Cleaning

  • Water Testing & Balancing

  • Equipment Inspections


Whether you need new equipment installed or existing equipment to be repaired, we've got you covered either way.

  • Solar or Pool Pumps

  • Sand/Cartridge Filters

  • Chlorinators

  • Pool Lights

  • Pool Covers

  • Suction or Robotic Cleaners

  • Accessories & Parts

Regular Servicing

It's most cost-effective to regularly maintain your pool, than neglect it until Summer comes around. Our standard fortnightly/monthly servicing option comes with:

  • Vacuum pool

  • Cleaning filters

  • Brush walls/steps

  • Test & balance water levels

  • Empty baskets

  • Equipment inspection

Our Work

Below is a range of the work we've completed for our clients; from general pool cleaning to water testing & balancing, to equipment installations e.g. salt chlorinators & pool covers.